Hi, I'm Deveerei. I'm an artist from the Philippines. Recently, I've been making digital artworks and I've been trying to design art toys & NFTs.
Get my 8Bit CNFTs. Get my Photography CNFTs. Get 24" x 14" deskmats.

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Photo CNFTs

My Photography NFTs are minted on the Cardano blockchain and are available for purchase at 6-20 ADA* each. Only LE25 max per photo. Digitally-framed.

NameTypePool.pmPolicy ID
Cloud NineStaticLink to Pool.pm0d20e28fc29ec1c54e562d276c77d72185e19618ee68d4a8f5775643
Tetris TwilightStaticLink to Pool.pma147c2d6821738c0d7b964efddcbd1c58eee6fcabc595bdf3dc9f063
Lifts You UpAnimatedLink to Pool.pmc1e7dce06ef37fccb60bd16db42330e21da1ce6e9b66295b8ae9a534
Balancing The FlowAnimatedLink to Pool.pm8302cf1365b26cdc34bb4cca475fb34bd77bd81a54728f7a3f414413

Send me a message on Twitter to purchase.

*6 ADA for static LE25 | 10 ADA for animated LE25 | 20 ADA for animated LE5